One of our goals? To stand among the world’s most socially responsible food companies.

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our sustainable strategies graphic which includes using more sustainable ingredients

The challenge is clear

The world's population is growing.

So we all will face food and nutrition challenges in the coming years.

For the global food business, the question is:

How do we balance the need to produce more food for the world yet conserve and protect natural resources?

General Mills responded in 2013

We committed to sustainably source 100 percent of our 10 priority ingredients by 2020.

That represents more than 50 percent of our annual raw material purchases. 

We view our role in this food equation as being part of the solution through:

  • Our products
  • Consumer education
  • Philanthropic efforts 
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles

Some of our socially responsible strategies and actions 

All of these and more can be found in our Global Responsibility Report, a downloadable PDF.

Here are some highlights:

  • Provide quality nutrition
  • Champion global food safety
  • Reduce use of resources
  • Build a strong workplace culture
  • Alleviate hunger and advance nutrition wellness

Our mission is Nourishing Lives. Making lives healthier, easier and richer.