More than 85 percent of our North American packaging is recyclable.

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Our internal Packaging Metric indicators measure our progress in reducing the environmental impact of our packaging.

Our Packaging Metric includes four key indicators to assess improvement:

  • Packaging weight 
  • Recycled content and recyclability 
  • Renewable and compostable content 
  • Truckload efficiency 
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In 2012, we reached a milestone with 52 percent of our packaging volume improved from our fiscal 2009 baseline – exceeding our 2015 goal of 40 percent improvement three years early.

The vast majority of those improvements were achieved through packaging weight reduction.

Our revised goal states that by 2015, 60 percent of our global product volume will be sold in packaging that has been improved since fiscal 2009.

While our 2012 results do not include recent acquisitions (Yoki and Yoplait International, which were not yet fully integrated within the fiscal year), those businesses are included in the scope of the revised 2015 goal.

Packaging weight

We innovate to reduce the package-to product ratio across our product portfolio.

In 2012, we introduced a lighter weight Yoplait cup, which decreased the cup’s weight by 18 percent. The innovation saves 8 million pounds, or more than 3,600 metric tons, of plastic annually.

This new cup is about half the weight of the cup in use when General Mills acquired the license to sell Yoplait yogurt in the U.S. market in the mid-1970s.

We achieved this reduction through a series of packaging enhancements over the years.

This latest packaging improvement represents a breakthrough after many years of development, demonstrating General Mills’ commitment to making the capital investments necessary to improve product packaging for the benefit of consumers and the environment.


Recycled content and recyclability

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