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Diversity and inclusion

At General Mills, diversity is both a value and a business strategy.

Embracing diversity helps us attract and retain top talent while driving innovation and consumer engagement around the world.

General Mills creates a diverse workforce by recruiting the best and brightest talent from all communities.

"Diversity plus inclusion equals business value. We connect with our consumers, customers and communities. We reap new ideas and innovation. And we recruit and retain ken charlesthe talent to win now and in the future.” – Ken Charles, vice president, Diversity and Inclusion

We cultivate an inclusive environment by considering all dimensions of diversity – not just the primary areas such as gender, race and sexual orientation – but also cultural aspects including values, preferences, beliefs and communication styles.

General Mills fosters inclusion by living all of our core values, including respecting, developing and investing in our employees.

Our employees are developed through participating in professional development training, mentoring programs, and employee and affinity networks. They include: 

 american indian group thumb American Indian Council     hispanic group thumb Hispanic Network
ahn group logo Asian Heritage Network mena group thumb Middle East and North Africa Network
betty's family group logo Betty’s Family GLBT Network South Asian Network
black champions group logo Black Champions Network women_leadership_logo Women in Leadership Network
   general mills veterans network logo



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Diversity & Inclusion

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