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Leadership biographies

Chris O'Leary

Christopher D. O'Leary*

Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Officer, International

Chris O’Leary oversees General Mills businesses outside the United States. General Mills has businesses in over 100 countries around the world.

Previously, O’Leary was president of the Meals Division, The Betty Crocker Division and vice president of Corporate Development.


Pace University, bachelor's degree, 1981

New York University, MBA, 1986

TDS Telecom

O’Leary joined General Mills in December 1997 as vice president, Corporate Growth.

He was elected a General Mills senior vice president in July 1999 and was named president of the Meals division in 2001.

Prior to joining General Mills, O’Leary spent 17 years at PepsiCo, Inc., last serving as president and chief executive officer of the Hostess Frito-Lay business in Canada.

O’Leary was in the PepsiCo division from 1981 to 1986 before transferring to Frito-Lay. His experience includes vice president of marketing of Frito-Lay U.S., and vice president of marketing for Walkers in the United Kingdom.

* member of senior leadership team


Kendall J. Powell
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Mark W. Addicks
Senior Vice President; Chief Marketing Officer

Y. Marc Belton
Executive Vice President, Global Strategy, Growth and Marketing Innovation

Kofi Bruce
Vice President, Treasurer

Gary Chu
Senior Vice President; President, Greater China

Juliana L. Chugg
Senior Vice President; President, Meals

David Clark
Vice President, Häagen-Dazs

John Church
Executive Vice President, Supply Chain

Michael L. Davis
Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

David E. Dudick Sr.
Senior Vice President; President, U.S. Channels Sales

Peter Erickson
Executive Vice President, Innovation, Technology and Quality

Ian R. Friendly
Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Retail

Olivier Faujour
Vice President; President, Yoplait International

Jeffrey L. Harmening
Senior Vice President; President, Big G cereals

David P. Homer
Senior Vice President; President, General Mills Canada

Christina Law
Vice President; President, Asia, Middle East and Africa region

Luis Gabriel Merizalde
Senior Vice President; President, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Michele S. Meyer
Vice President; President, Small Planet Foods

Donal L. Mulligan
Executive Vice President; Chief Financial Officer

James H. Murphy
Senior Vice President, President Big G Cereals

Kimberly A. Nelson
Senior Vice President, External Relations; President, General Mills Foundation

Jonathon J. Nudi
Vice President; President, Snacks

Rebecca L. O'Grady
Vice President; President, Yoplait USA

Shawn P. O'Grady
Senior Vice President; President, Sales and Channel Development

Christopher D. O'Leary
Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Officer, International

Roderick A. Palmore
Executive Vice President; General Counsel; Chief Compliance and Risk Management Officer, and Secretary

Ann W.H. Simonds
Senior Vice President; President, Baking Products

Anton Vincent
Vice President; President, Frozen Foods

Sean N. Walker
Senior Vice President; President, Latin America

Kristen Wenker
Senior Vice President; Financial Operations

Keith A. Woodward
Senior Vice President; Financial Operations

Jerry Young
Vice President, Controller