Great taste makes Yoplait a leader among yogurt brands. 

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Fun Trix yogurt, spoon-hugging Yoplait Kids, and Go-GURT – the portable yogurt in a tube – are hits with kids and moms.

Explore the wide variety of creamy, delicious Yoplait products, the only leading yogurt with Vitamin D in every cup. While you're at it, learn about the 40 new yogurt products coming from General Mills.


Lactose Free

Yoplait introduced its lactose free line, in four flavors, early in 2012. lactose free yoplait yogurt

For half a century

In 1964, Yoplait yogurt was developed by Sodima (Societa de Diffusion de Marque,) a Paris dairy cooperative that brought Yoplait to the U.S. General Mills acquired that licensing right in 1977.
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