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Brisk expansion of a small United Kingdom bakery in the 1930s evolved into Jus-Rol.

Jus-Rol began in 1954 in Coldstream, United Kingdom, initially making puff and short crust pastry. By 1967, Jus-Rol began to export regularly. 

Today, Jus-Rol leads the way in the UK, delivering innovative products and unique pastry ideas for our foodservice customers.



Royal seal of approval

Introduced in the late 1950s, frozen Yorkshire puddings were a convenient take on a British favourite, and earned royal approval when served on the Royal Yacht Britannia. Sign up for our newsletter. >>
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It just rolls off the tongue

The Jus-Rol name was born in Tom Forsyth’s small United Kingdom bakery in the 1930s when workers took cuttings home. The workers said they “just rolled” out the cuttings to feed their families. hand kneading dough
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