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Programs and partnerships

Among the General Mills partnerships and programs is Join My Village, an online giving program that promotes education and economic development for girls and women in Malawi.

Visitors to JoinMyVillage.com can instantly activate a contribution from General Mills and partnering companies like MERCK by watching a video or reading a story about a girl’s future. All personal donations made to Join My Village are matched dollar-for-dollar, up to this year’s maximum gift of US$900,000.

The program, in partnership with the humanitarian organization CARE, funds scholarships for girls, lends money to women to help:

  •  Start more than 1,000 businesses
  • Support 160 scholarships plus curriculum for 15 schools.
  • Build eight homes for teachers that meet ministry of education specifications.

In addition to CARE, we partner with organizations such as:


Project peanut butter

Saving lives through a simple, therapeutic food.  Video

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Join My Village

Activate a contribution from General Mills and partnering companies for girls in Malawi. Video


$535 million

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Dilemma solved

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