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Programs and partnerships

Among the General Mills signature charitable programs are Join My Village and Good Works.

Beyond the cause marketing partnerships that some of our brands have created are two powerful General Mills programs aimed at strengthening communities locally and globally.

Now in its fifth year, our Join My Village program has positively impacted the lives more than a quarter million people in Africa and India, by focusing on girls and women -- the community members that are most frequently denied access to education or job training in the developing world.  

When girls are able to complete secondary school and women have access to training, the entire family and community benefits from strengthened livelihoods and wellness.

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Working with the humanitarian organization, CARE, Join My Village has helped thousands of girls continue their secondary school educations through scholarships, built dozens of homes to bring teachers to remote villages, provided textbooks and learning materials for tens of thousands, and established 125 village-based saving programs that are improving livelihoods for women and their families.

Globally, more than a half million people around the world now follow the work of Join My Village through social media and other channels.



Good Works submissions are accepted between April and June each year, for projects that will be begin in November and be completed by April.  Interested organizations should submit an outline (one page) containing the following:

  • Organization Overview
  • Project Objective
  • Project Scope
    • Impact on organization and community
    • Expectations and desired deliverables/outcomes
    • Critical success factors
    • Role of organization in process
    • Current or past involvement with General Mills, General Mills Foundation or employees

Email questions and final submission to: good.works@genmills.com

Leveraging professionals from our marketing, consumer insights and marketing services areas, Good Works enables the passion and talent of our employees to further nourish lives in the community through pro bono projects for selected non-profits. The program typically resources six to eight projects annually, serving organizations with a defined and immediate need for marketing and strategy skills.

Since it began in 2009, over three dozen projects have been completed by nearly 200 volunteers. The program is the brainchild of Mark Addicks, chief marketing officer at General Mills. He oversees the program, serves as a champion for the cause and is someone who has devoted many hours to community causes.

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Some examples of past Good Works projects include developing a brand for the new Minneapolis/St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership, which resulted in a name - GreaterMSP - and logo, along with brand personality and target audience marketing strategy.

Another past project was creating a marketing plan to help the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts increase the number and engagement of visitors. The team achieved its goal through an audience segmentation analysis and experimentation plan for marketing to targeted groups.

Good Works project requests are reviewed by a team using criteria such as:

  • Tangible community benefit; impact in the Twin Cities/MN geography
  • Strong engagement of the non-profit’s leadership
  • Clearly defined objective or problem/opportunity to solve
  • Quantifiable metrics to determine success
  • Alignment with General Mills Foundation focus areas (hunger, nutrition wellness, education, arts & culture)



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