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Partners in Food Solutions moves beyond traditional relief efforts and food donations to fight hunger.

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THE IDEA for Partners in Food Solutions came to Ken Powell, chairman and CEO of General Mills, after he attended a forum on hunger at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Inspired by the potential impact General Mills could make with its global food manufacturing capabilities, Powell quickly engaged the company’s research and development leaders to develop a program. 

Soon, more than 300 General Mills technical employees were volunteering to help build the program.

A non-profit organization founded by General Mills in 2009, it brings together the business and technical expertise of global food companies to improve the capacity and expertise of local food processors in Africa.

At its core, the initiative provides a new way to fight hunger by helping African mills and food producers develop a sustainable food supply chain through which to feed the continent’s growing population.

Quick expansion
Since it's launch in 2008, Partners in Food Solutions has expanded rapidly.

The effort has gained:

Partners in Food Solutions continues to advance its reach by enlisting more partners with additional capabilities.

A sustainable approach
Ken Powell, General Mills chairman and chief executive officer, explains, "In sub-Saharan Africa, more than a quarter of the food produced rots due to poor harvest or storage techniques.I felt that a food company like General Mills could really make a sustainable impact to change that.

"So we’re addressing a more systemic need by helping companies in Africa improve food processing operations and in turn, produce high-quality, nutritious and safe food at affordable prices."

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