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General Mills invests in the people, neighborhoods and education of the communities in which we live and work.

During fiscal year 2012, the General Mills Foundation distributed grants and matching gifts totaling nearly $28 million.

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  • In our world headquarters community of Minneapolis Minnesota, the General Mills Foundation supports grant making in the areas of hunger and nutrition wellness, and education, along with programs in arts and culture. 
  • At locations where General Mills operates manufacturing facilities, our employees serve on Community Action Councils that work with the Foundation to make grants to nonprofits in their communities and surrounding areas (up to 50 miles from the General Mills facility in each community). 
  • We focus our Community Action Council grant making in the areas of hunger and nutrition wellness, and education.
  • We offer the Celebrating Communities of Color grants program, which awards fifty $10,000 grants to nonprofit organizations in Minnesota's Twin Cities seven-county metro area serving communities of color.



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