Facility audits

Through our Supplier Code of Conduct and contracts, we hold our suppliers to the same UNGC and ILO principles that we apply internally.

Similar to our own plants, we use third parties to audit all producers of finished goods for General Mills.

When we find noncompliance with our standards, we notify our contractors and require them to develop and implement a remediation plan. We then follow up to ensure the issues are resolved.

Responsible sourcing affects the entire supply chain of the consumer packaged goods industry.

We believe that joint action, consistent with all antitrust laws, will yield a better workplace for employees and give consumers confidence in the products they purchase.

We are leaders in the AIM-PROGRESS Responsible Sourcing task force, whose mission is to promote responsible sourcing by sharing best practices and promoting efficiency in the packaged goods supply chain.

In recent months, we and 12 of our peer companies have agreed to recognize each other’s audit tools and processes.

This agreement will promote responsible sourcing while reducing the duplication of supplier assessments.

We believe that the protection of human rights through responsible sourcing is a critical part of our Nourishing Lives mission. As with all of our efforts, we continually seek ways to improve our entire supply chain’s performance in this important area.


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