Responsible advertising

General Mills is committed to Nourishing Lives – and to help improve the nutrition and fitness behaviors of families and children.

General Mills can play a positive role:

  • By providing lower calorie, higher nutrient or more nutrient-dense products.
  • By providing “Nutrition Highlights” on all Big G cereal boxes to help consumers quickly identify healthy dietary choices.
  • With a portfolio uniquely aligned with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2005 Food Guidelines – providing whole grain, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables.
  • By leading on issues of health and wellness.

General Mills’ advertising and marketing will reflect:

Balance  Encouraging families and children to understand and follow nutritional guidelines for a balanced diet of healthy and nutritious foods.
Moderation Encouraging only sensible portions of food – never depicting or encouraging over-consumption.
Exercise Advocating and reinforcing the importance of higher levels of physical activity.


General Mills is proud of its reputation as a “family-friendly” advertiser. We will not produce advertising that would undermine the role of parents and family, or respect for community authorities. General Mills will air advertising only on programming it deems suitable for the family-oriented nature of its brands and products.

Special care also is taken to ensure that all marketing messages are inclusive and respectful of ethnic and religious affiliations.


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