Our internal Packaging Metric indicators measure our progress as we reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Packaging weight 

Innovation is key to reducing the packaging-to-product ratio across our portfolio.

In Arras, France, for example, we reduced the weight of all of our 473 milliliter (ml) and 500 ml Häagen-Dazs containers by 10 percent as of August 2013.

By reducing carton thickness, we are removing more than 80 metric tons from the packaging waste stream in Europe.

Recycled content and recyclability

Recycled content: Recycled content represents approximately half the weight of the packaging we use for our U.S. products. We continue pursuing opportunities to increase our use of recycled materials while maintaining product quality and safety. 

Recyclability: We are adding How2Recycle labels on more of our U.S. retail products to increase consumer awareness about packaging recyclability.

In addition to 8-count Yoplait fridgepacks sold at U.S. retailers, our Green Giant frozen vegetables and Chex Mix packages also now contain How2Recycle labels.